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Get to know : Risen and still shining "Dulla".

 We were doing a little research about online shopping in Nepal and asked our readers what their fav stop was. All we read was 'DULLA'.We got curious.So a few days later we shot an email to Mr. Dulla himself with a set of question and he replied the very next day making me ashamed of my slackness. & yet, I am here posting this a few days later again. Now go ahead read about Dulla's life and work in detail. All written by himself.

       Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?
      A guy who never liked studying and never excelled in his academics during his school days and repeated twice in standard 4 and 7 !! I am from Nepal. Did my schooling from Saint Augustine’s School , Kalimpong and then did my 3 years diploma in footwear technology from Delhi.

      What are your general professional and non-professional interests?

My professional interest would be branding and marketing strategy of products and entrepreneurship. Non professional interests would be basketball ball and travelling around. 

As working in 2 diff cities which one are you more interested in? In terms of Dulla and why? 

From Business point of view it would be Delhi. But I am pushing real hard to penetrate the market of Nepal and win the hearts of my own people here and be able to convince the product they buy is not just a product but a investment. And I can already see its already working with every collection I launch. 

When and how did you realize that “Footwear” was your thing? 

As a kid during my school days I was always interested in shoes but I never knew that I could study shoes until oneday when I was stuck in that phase of my life where I had to choose a career with a humanities background and sat down to see what options I had to choose from with my humanities background and then came across a career option footwear technology and instantly decided that’s what I am going to opt for and since I disliked studying this field had 80% pratical and jus 20 % theory so there was nothing much to study!!!!

What was your childhood like? Did u dream about shoes?

All I could remember about my childhood was struggling to get grades to get through each academic year and just pass out. Often I would be trying to sketch random basketball shoes when I use to get bored with my classes on my text books.

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

It depends from design to design the time it takes to craft a pair. A basic pair I can do it in a day’s time.

What was the first piece you ever designed?  

Ahh that would be a burnish oxford shoe that was 4 inch high and it was such a hit among the girls and I couldn’t imagine that a lot of girls from all around the world wanted to buy it . A girl from UK actually was ready to pay me 10,000 for that pair but unfortunately I couldn’t sell it as it meant a lot to me and was close to my heart being the first pair I had single handedly designed and crafted.

How did you break into the market? 

With such a limited finance I only used free social media that was available to me and that was how to tried to expand my brand and till today I am still using only social media as my medium and slowly the people in media came up and automatically pushed the leverage in the market. A big thank you to the kind media people. 

What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? 

I think I am still yet to reach there. I have a lot to do and a lot more to show the people. Its just been 1 and half year that I launched my brand officially. 

Where can our readers buy your product? 

They can buy order directly from my facebook page or can go to stores in Bloom in Naxal or Civil Mall shop no 212 , second floor or House of fashion in Nepal.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba With his Bag. 
Anywhere and everywhere!!

What are some of your favorite fashion websites or magazines? 

What are your favorite colors to work with and why? 
All time favorite Black & brown !!

What are some of your future plans? 
Start up a Shoe designing institute some day.

What are some of your fashion goals?
Make a UAT ( use and throw ) shoe for emergency cases esp for girls who cant wear high heels for long.

What do you think of this field in Nepal? 
All I can say that in Nepal the demand for this is field is good and very interesting as well.

Why do you think people need to invest in a pair of Dulla? 
A shoe that’s leather hand made shoes and in limited pairs and never ever made again once its over and above all Designed and made by a Nepali.

Any special message you want to deliver today through NFB? To your fans, upcoming shoe designers, family, maybe a special person? 

I have scored the respect I had always wanted in my own eyes if no one else’s.If you challenge yourself you will grow. You may have been seeking out the feedback, opinions, and advice of other people to help you make a decision. You may be figuring that all of those people have more expertise, greater wisdom, and more experience in general to be able to make the right choice. But you are the one, who will have to live with the consequences. You could wind up doing the wrong thing or missing out on an opportunity - and then who would you blame? You couldn't blame those whose guidance you sought. You could only blame yourself. You are the only one qualified to make an important choice now.

We hope this article has been able to inspire you in different ways.Coz we sure were.We will be back with more interesting post soon so stay tuned. Until then, Keep it stylish.
                                                             Love NFB.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Guest Feature: MawangWorld

Dope snapback, HM black shirt, Zara Sweater, HM Leather jacket, Topman Jeans, Vans 

Tell us a bit about the guy behind mawangworld.

I am 20 years old with a dream to have my own clothing line. I am doing my majors in Accounting which I can quite not go well with the fashion field but trust me, I can blend my numerical background and fashion together real well. *winks 

How long have you been blogging and since when?
Not much. To be honest, it has been 4 months since I started blogging and I already feel at home here in blog-o-sphere.

Why did you choose blogging?
 Honestly, my blog was first intended to feature fashionistas. I even have an instagram a/c called world_trendsetter which started pretty well but then after few weeks, there seemed to be noone taking part. That is when I started posting my own outfits and that was probably the start of my personal blog.

When did you first fall in love with Fashion?  

Genuinely speaking, I always had that passion for fashion. Even during school days, I used to walk 3 miles while walking back home just to save moneyso that I could buy my favorites.  You can just imagine how much I adore fashion.

What sets you apart from other fashion bloggers?
There is not a lot of differences, as far as  I am concerned, at the end of the day, we all are out here just expressing ourselves but maybe in a different way. My blog is mostly just pictures product details so my viewers know where to get buy them.  
What is your take on style of Nepalese youth?

Nepalese youth have grown so much in terms of style and fashion.  They seem to follow celebrities and get inspired from them which is pretty good if you can carry it. And then on the other side, websites as tumblr, instagram have a lot of impact on the youth.
It is always so amusing to see them carry themselves so well. I have even witnessed them wearing snap backs, Jordans, Good wood chains etc.

H&M  Beanie, Zara Shirt, H&M waistcoat, Topman Hoodie,
 Zara Blazer, Zara  Trousers, Vans

What is the biggest challenge of being a fashion blogger? 

A lot of time and patience is needed. Like I said before, I started blogging 4 months ago and I just have         few followers, however this doesn't stop me from doing what I love to do

Zara hat, Everything else from Topman, Dr martins loafers

How do you define your style?

I like to mix things; therefore I don't really have a one particular style. It mostly depends on my mood, weather or event I am going to. 
However the main idea is to stand out from everyone else, for example if there is a formal party, you expect all most every guy to be wearing black or gray suits, I would wear something like a red blazer with black trousers or blue two piece suit with stripes etc. *you know what I mean?*

Zara hat, Hm scarf, Dior jacket, Zara cardigan , Topman jeans, Zara brogue

Your pick:

Fashion or Style: Style, fashion can be bought.
Your favorite blogger: Mike Quyen, mariano di vaio
Street style or Designer wear: Street style.
Your favorite item in your closet: I love all my blazers and suits
most expensive splurgeI actually don’t know haha
Basic necessity in a guy's wardrobe: blazers, they are never out of trend

LV bag ,Zara shirt, Zara shorts, Gucci shades,
 Vans, Goodwood Accessories

River Island Sweater, Topman shirt, Topman jeans, Dr martens loafers 2

Zara hat, Hm scarf, Dior jacket, Zara cardigan , Topman jeans, Zara brogue

Diesel Jeans, Lv Coin Pouch, Gold ring, watch, Topman XL Bowtie,
Gucci Shades,Zara Hat, Hm Shirt

                                                                     Till then 
                                                                   Mucho Love
                                                                   <3 NFB <3 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

The queen of Sneakers:

There are Nepalese fashionistas all over the world not all of us are aware of. So therefore this episode of 'Street Style Stars' will be featuring a star that deserves to be appreciated for his/her sense of fashion.

Get to know Aastha more commonly known as bubble mouth, a Nepali citizen residing in NYC and see why NFB chose to start with her.

How would you define your personal style?Was it the same in your younger days? If different  what caused you to change?

I have no clue how to answer my personal style. All i wanna say is fashion is not always an unlimited budget, but a wildly creative imagination to express ourselves visually. Wear what makes you happy and leave the house confidently and ready to take on the world.

I was very tomboy when i was in my teenage. Time, age, situation and ofcourse my boyfriend changed me to be little girly.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have no clue how to answer my personal style. All i wanna say is fashion is not always an unlimited budget, but a wildly creative imagination to express ourselves visually. Wear what makes you happy and leave the house confidently and ready to take on the world.
I was very tomboy when i was in my teenage. Time, age, situation and ofcourse my boyfriend changed me to be little girly.

Favorite fashion magazine/ Website?
Vogue and Glamour

How do you usually spend your day off?

Walking around soho which is a very famous street for designer shops. I go to williamsburg which is very famous for thrift stores and union sq to chill with my buddies.

What would your dream job be?

Not decided yet. i am a server and bartender at the moment. maybe a police officer in future coz my dad and grandpa used to be police officers of nepal.

Your top 3 on the playlist?

I listen to romantic bollywood songs lol

Name your Top 3 favorite brands.

There are so many beautiful high brands like Chanel, gucci, fendi, prada, celine, LV etc but since i am very casual person, i would say opening ceremony, Supreme, american apparel and zara coz they are under my budget.

Favorite lipstick color?

Ruby woo from MAC coz its matte.

Would you ever lay your hands in the field of fashion for a living, what would it be?

Maybe in future, I can change my major into fashion but for now i don't think so

What’s on your wish list right now? (Maybe someone special will get you some of that ?)

Oh! I have a alot of sneakers on my head rie now especially RICK OWENS sneakers

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

fashion obsession in clothes: ripped jeans, cropped tees, skater skirts, mom jeans.
hairstyle: my bangs
shoes: cutout boots and sneakers ofcourse
color: black, white ,grey and burgundy too

We know you’re the ‘Queen of Sneakers’, under what situation would u consider wearing heels?
only if i have to wear saree or chupa (traditional tibetan dress)

How many pairs of shoe do you own? 
i seriously dont know.. more than 90 for sure..

Which one is your absolute favorite and why?
I just cant say which one is my favourite coz i actually love all of them. i made an effort to buy them so yeah..

What is your to-go outfit? Like when you’re in a hurry n don’t have enough time to think about what to wear?

to-go outfit.. white tee, blue denim and chucks.. must have in your closet..

Most expensive thing in your closet? 
My MCM bag and ISABEL MARANT shoe

People in NYC are very generous with compliments. How often are you showered with them & what was the best line you’ve gotten so far?  (C’mon BRAG!)

OH damn, you look like RIHANNA lol

Name 3 Fashionista’s style you dig?
i dig, RIHANNA and my own sister pratha coz they dont dress up too girly

Is there any special message you wanna send out today through NFB ?

-You dont need to follow every new trend to be fashionable. Find the ones that work with your style and for your personality
Be consistent in your style choices but always be modern.
-your hairstyle is just as much a part of your signature style as are your clothes. learn to work with it rather than against it.            
-Don't be afraid to experiment.


So That was our " Queen of Sneakers". Hope ya'll were inspired by her style. Watch out ladies,we're keeping our eyes wide open & spying on street stylers !

 Ciao X